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Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

As a Twin Cities wedding photographer, Don has many suggestions for creating memorable and unique images for Minneapolis wedding photography and St. Paul wedding photography.  Contact DCharles Photography to make these ideas part of your wedding picture album. 

Consider doing a wedding photo safari. The Twin Cities have many public locations with interesting architecture, lighting and backgrounds, such as Minneapolis and St. Paul skyline views, the Guthrie Theater and the Mall of America. Another option might be a favorite nightclub or local pub. Arrange for a limo or trolley service to take you and your party on tour and then let events unfold. The setting, people and activity around you will fuel Don’s creative instincts. You’ll have a great time with your wedding party and it will show in your photos. Some venues require permission in advance — DCharles can work out the details.

Take advantage of the glowing evening sky and dramatic nighttime lighting for beautiful wedding photography.Make time in the early evening for an intimate couple-only photo session. Don will scout the location in advance and determine the ideal time for the session to minimize the time away from your wedding reception.

Plan one or more signature images. A signature image is a photograph that makes a statement about you and your wedding day. Think of it as the cover shot for your wedding book. Don’s extensive experience with photographic composition, lighting and technique is critical in planning the signature photo and in ensuring that you have a variety of wedding photographs that beautifully express the emotion of your wedding day.

Consider a pre-wedding or post-wedding photography session. This takes some stress out of the wedding day. (See Don’s article in Minnesota/Arizona Bride. ) It’s also a great option for couples who are getting married in the winter and would like some outdoor photographs. You pick the location, or talk with Don about Twin Cities wedding photography location ideas.

Hire a professional photographer.This is the best way to ensure that you’ll be happy with your wedding photographs. It takes more than a digital camera to shoot great wedding photography. It requires a creative vision, technical expertise and the experience of shooting many kinds of people in many different places. That’s what you’ll get with DCharles Photography.

The best advice for the day. Get as much finished before the wedding as you can, and if there is a task not finished, delegate it, or forget it. Enjoy the spirit of your day with friends and family. Then expect and enjoy the unexpected. On our wedding day, we had the receiving line across the street from the church in a park. We returned to the church and discovered the ladies purses were missing. We had been ROBBED! Wallets all gone, call police. Our friends head to the reception while we wait to file a report with police. We needed to delay the honeymoon by one day, which admittedly hurt some what, but years later, as I look back, we’ve been able to tell this story and embellish it many times, and it makes us laugh yet.


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