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Senior Photography | Derek

When Derek was born prematurely, his arm fit through his dad’s wedding ring. He spent months in the hospital fighting to get bigger and stronger, one ounce at a time. That tiny infant is now a healthy, strong, active young man who plays sports and hunts when he can with his buddy, Bailey.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a photo of Derek, at this passage, is a thousand words plus many emotions and memories. But aren’t all passage photos like this? The drama may play out in different ways, but we all have memories and stories of our kids from day one. To me each senior photo session is dramatic in its own way.

What worked perfectly in this senior photo shoot is the variety of Derek’s looks. In the first photo with the basketball, Derek looks calm and confident, feeling sure of himself. In the next set of photos he is smiling, then concentrating during the end of a golf swing. This wasn’t a posed swing; he was out there really striking the golf ball. Follow this with the quiet happiness of hunting with Bailey. The final photo reflects the drama of his birth, holding his Dad’s wedding ring.

This senior photo shoot was taken on location at our Turtle Creek property in western Wisconsin.

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