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Minneapolis Model Shoot | Martine

Model photography, while fun, should hopefully lead to photography work for the model. Sure, its fun to model, but lets make some money while we’re at it. In the Twin Cities much of the model work is related to business, and a portion of that business work is in the medical field. That’s why we started this model shoot with a simple medical feeling, with Martine wearing a medical smock. We followed the medical look with a business outfit, to grab the attention of the large array of business photo shoots that take place in the Twin Cites. Then it was time for some creativity, as we moved on to the beauty and fashion look. Showing off Martine’s beautiful Peruvian looks and attitude were going to make this model shoot. I believe we captured those looks quite well!

All photos were taken with window light, with a few of the photos featuring Rembrandt lighting. Rembrandt lighting has that triangle of light on the shadow side of the face.

If you’re looking to earn extra money in the modeling field, contact DCharles Photography. We can set up a model shoot and produce a composite to get you headed in the right direction. I can tell you which model agencies to contact so you can start having fun, and earning money in the modeling world too.


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