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We arrived in Sorrento, Italy on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. While walking to our hotel, we passed by this open structure, called the Sedil Dominova, with the crucifixion scene set up in the middle. This small, domed building dates from the 14th century and was used as a meeting place for nobles. The frescos date from the 18th century and give the illusion of depth. Today, it is set on a busy cobblestone retail corner, with an outdoor restaurant directly across. After getting settled, we returned to the outdoor restaurant. From our table, I noticed a man (who I imagined to be a local fisherman) seated against the back wall behind the cross. Since it was Holy Saturday and I wasn’t sure if he was there to pray, I didn’t feel right about approaching him to take a photo. I figured that this would be one photo I’d have to pass up. We walked by Easter Sunday numerous times, but no fisherman. Again on Monday we passed by many times, but no fisherman. Tuesday came, and we packed up to catch the train. Pulling two suitcases with tiny wheels, we bumped along the cobblestones. The camera was packed, along with everything else, as we passed by this corner for the last time. There he was, sitting in the same place he was before. We stopped, and I unpacked the camera. I approached and, using my best broken Italian, asked permission. Three exposures later, we packed up — we had a train to catch!  As we left, I looked over to the fisherman and gave him a wave. He responded with a big wave and a huge smile as we lost sight of him. Grazie!

Jesus on the cross in Sorrento Italy Architectural painting in Sorrento, Italy Italian Fisherman from Sorrento Sorrento Fisherman of Italy

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