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47 degrees and wet. The rain stopped at dusk.  The fitness models never complained. They were more than happy to exercise and warm up. Great shoot! Movement with angular lines and stage like back lighting, along with graphic post production, combine to create this gritty look.  Notice the water spaying off Katie’s shoe Running and jumping for fitness on a wet and rainy night. Stretching for fitness and health. Stretching for fitness and health. Stretching for fitness and health.


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One of the benefits of this photography life is when your clients become your friends. Here are a few thank you cards from photo sessions this past year in which my client/friends were appreciative of my work and our relationship. Nothing makes my day like opening a thank you card!

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Canvas Wall Portrait and Family Album from our family photo shoot on Madeline Island.

This photo session was part family portrait and part “day in the life” of the Brown family. Portions of the day were staged, while others were spontaneous. The rest of the day was a mixture of whatever lies between these two bookends. We had some specific ideas of where to shoot on Madeline Island,  places where the family likes to spend time during summer vacation. Although it was a bit cold for jumping into Lake Superior (a summer past time), we were able to capture beautiful autumn color, with a bonus of rain clouds in the background.

The first two images below show a canvas wall portrait. As the name implies, its canvas stretched around a 1 1/2″ wooden frame, and comes ready to hang. No framing required.

The rest of the photos in this post show the family album we produced. The album is a lay flat design with a quarter leather cover and spine with photos front and back. This album consists of 10 spreads, 20 pages. Due to the lay flat design, photos can carry over across the spread without any worry about a gutter, like a typical magazine.

If you are looking to capture family memories, a family legacy that will be passed on for generations, call me. We can set up a family portrait session or a “day in the life” record. Create your legacy today.


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This past autumn was beautiful and mild, to say the least. Even after winter arrived, there haven’t been many bone chilling days, save for a few.

Here are a few portraits from our various archery sessions, from mid autumn into early winter.

Oh yeah, there’s also the one gardener-pitch fork-portrait. I pulled MP away from her end of season, garden clean up chores, for a few photos. One of the many perfect days this fall.

This editorial-portrait style is graphic, rich in color and intensity.

An archer draws back his bow at sunrise. An archery portrait in WI. An archery portrait in WI. Portrait of an archer with blue sky. An archer draws back his bow at sunrise. Archery Portrait.

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What a pleasure it was to photograph the book, Master the Kettlebell, with author Max Shank, Master RKC, and Beth Andrews, RKC.  Max and Beth make each exercise look so easy. Believe me, its not! Max and Beth were flawless throughout the photo shoot.

This shoot took place in the basement of a now defunct workout facility in the St. Paul area. Master the Kettlebell can be purchased at Dragon Door for $19.95.

Extreme fitness photography for extremely fit athletes! Max Shank demonstrates with the kettlebell. Fitness. Max Shank using kettlebells. Fitness. Kettlebell exercise with Max Shank! Extreme fitness. Kettlebell exercise with Beth. Extreme Fitness. Fitness. Beth demonstrates and exercise using the kettlebell.

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